A lot of things have changed since connecting different cultures became a relevant topic for debate.
Working with Lamserv is refreshingly different. We don't rely on years of old theories.
Instead we constantly research to find and develop solutions that support today's businesses in the best possible way.

Who we are

About us
Lamserv has been acting as a consultant in the international market during the last 15 years.
Our knowledge, experience and high levels of service recommend us.
We specialize in helping companies succeed across cultures.
Our clients are companies who need to expand their business in Romania and become better at introducing and using cultural diversity within their own organisations.
We are also provider of training and educational materials in English Language for personal development.
We continuously deliver solutions based on experience and innovation.
As a part of all our services, we are keen on offering our customers the advice and guidance of our highly experienced company consultants.

How can we help you:

Consulting Services
Opening a company in Romania can be one of the most profitable business decision, but should be done properly, with a thorough understanding of the local market place and with a special attention to details.
Due to our expertise on the Romanian market, we also specialize in the field of company creation and incorporation, providing you the knowledge and contacts that ensure a clean and smooth process, from start to finish.
You and your business, will gain dealing with a team of highly experienced Romanian professionals experience in doing successful business in Romania.
Our team of professionals will design an exclusive package, tailored to meet your specific needs, which will include without being limited to the following:

  • Company Formation within the time period you need
  • Opening Bank Accounts as a quick and painless process.
  • Design, Logos, stationery, image, advertising as part of your success worked by professional design agencies in Romania.
  • Virtual / Fully Serviced Offices

Running your local company, from a virtual office, using internet-based communication, will be very easy.
With a virtual office in Bucharest, you benefit of a high-profile office in comparision with a traditional office.
When you need to have a physical presence in the country, Lamserv can provides a full range of service,
from your arrival in Romania, until you leave to the next destination or back home:
-transport from the airport to the hotel, and from one point of interest to another, and finally back to the airport.
-assure a physical office on a temporary or permanent basis fully furnished and available for immediate use.
Any other services as you may require.
With Lamserv, your company will always be promoted in a professional manner.

Training and Educational materials in English Language

  • Video learning
    Video training and all the learning resources that come with it as support.
  • e-learning
    Interactive courses available on line for groups or individuals based on learning needs.
  • Educational software
    Software and related technology items at convenient prices and high level services.
  • Educational materials on CD, DVD, or printed books, covering a wide number of fields such as: computer sciences, economics, engineering, medicine, sociology, biomedical sciences, environmental sciences and many more.

For any further details or information please do not hesitate to contact us :

119 Turda Str, ap.114, s1, 11322,
Bucharest, Romania
Tel: (+40) 37 298 3928  
Cell: (+40) 720 320 000
(+40) 72 612 4057
Fax: (+40) 21 225 0616